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Congenital Lung Anomalies (CLA) Swiss Database (CLADatabase)

Congenital lung anomalies (CLA) include different pathologies such as congenital pulmonary airways malformation, pulmonary sequestration, bronchial atresia, emphysema or bronchogenic cyst. They develop during lung embryogenesis with potential oncogenic transformation and their pathological origin is poorly understood. At the present time, in asymptomatic cases two different approaches are proposed: surgical removal of the lesion during the first year of life or clinical follow-up without surgery. To improve the understanding of the pathological mechanism underlying CLA and to progress on the clinical management we: 1) create and implement a multicentric CLA database and pulmonary tissue biobank with the participation of the different Swiss University Hospitals, 2) perform genetic and proteomic analysis in order to identify target molecules implicated in CLA genesis.

The objectives of this study are:
1) to define a standardized procedure at the Swiss level for the treatment of patients suffering from CLA
2) to examine the evolution of CLA with or without surgery
3) to improve our knowledge about pathophysiological mechanism leading to CLA
4) possibly to validate some biomarkers, which could help to identify individuals at risk of tumoral transformation
5) to generate interactions between clinical and fundamental researchers in the field of lung development.

On the long term, these results could also support the development of innovative therapies targeting the factors involved in lung development

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